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Are you looking for the Perfect Tenant? Look no further.

Are you looking for a tenant who has financial stability, a good credible rental history and will take great care of your property? Well it sounds like PropertySolutions by JB are the tenant for you.

Why Rent to us?

  •  ZERO Fees for you to pay.. Ever.. Not a single penny!
  • We pay you a competitive guaranteed rent EVERY MONTH ON TIME, no more excuses from tenants for late payments. 
  • We have a professional cleaning and housekeeping team, to regularly maintain the property to a high standard (this normally results in the property being kept to a HIGHER STANDARD than with a long term tenant). 
  • We take care of ALL REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE to the property, any maintenance issues are reported to us immediately by our housekeeping team. 
  • We pay for all utility bills, including council tax. 
  • We would require the property on a long term let, ideally 3 – 5 years.
  • The property is fully managed by our experienced professional team, at NO COST TO YOU. 

How Does it Work?

Evaluation We assess your property and its rental potential. After a thorough analysis, we provide you with a competitive guaranteed rent offer.

Lease Agreement Our management team signs a lease agreement with you. A Contract which defines the rules of our agreement.

Monthly Rent Payment Once the property is prepared, your guaranteed monthly rent payment begins to get paid every month, regardless of whether the property is empty or not.

Property Management Our team handles all aspects of the property management, including bills and council tax, maintenance and repairs and all client interactions. Everything is taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Guaranteed Rent Work?

Guaranteed Rent, also known as Rent Assurance, is a service offered by property management companies. It ensures that landlords receive a fixed monthly rental income regardless of whether the property is vacant or not.

What is a Corporate Let?

A Corporate Let is when a residential property is rented to a company, the company then becomes your tenant.

PropertySolutonsby JB have a wide network companies that we provide accomodation for across the UK.

Is Guaranteed Rent available for all types of properties?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer our Guaranteed Rental service to all properties. Please complete our eligibilty form to find out whether we are able to provide our services for you.

What are the costs associated with Guaranteed Rent Services?

Nothing! There are no hidden costs for our service and we will never charge our partner landlords to utilise our services and the benefits that come with it.

How long are the Guaranteed Rent Contracts typically for?

The duration of the Guaranteed Rent Contracts vary from landlord to landlord, but they typically range between 3 and 5 years. The specific terms and conditions are dependant on the property management company and the landlord’s preference. All contracts include a 6 month break clause which allow for both the property management company or landlord to exit the contract if either are unhappy with the services. All contracts can also be terminated after 28 days if any terms are violated.

Do I lose control of my property?

Whilst the Property Management Company takes on many responsibilies, the landlord can still have input and control over specific aspects of the property such as major maintenance decisions. The level of control can be agreed during the contract phase.

What happens if there are maintenance issues during the contractual period?

The Property Management Company typically handle maintenance and repairs as part of their services. They have a dedicated team to address maintenance issues promptly.

Is Guaranteed Rent available in all locations?

We work with Property Management Companies across all of the UK. However availability can vary depending on the property market and the Property Management Companies operating in particular regions.

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